God’s abundance can overcome our human scarcity

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Hortus Deliciarum Der SämannAs humans, we experience a world of boundaries and limitations. There can be enough for all, but it will require us to be attentive and to plan. But that’s not how it is with God, or with the abundance of God’s realm. God’s infinite riches and blessings require us to grow beyond our human experience of limited resources. 

In the parable of the sower from Matthew’s Gospel, we are presented with an image of God that sows seed with abandon and apparently without care. Much of the seed is sown in a manner that makes it seem to be wasted. But the parable isn’t concerned about the limits, the parable focuses on the seeds that are sown in places that cause growth. It appears that God is willing to waste some resources, knowing that the abundance will more than make up for what has been lost.

That’s foreign to the way we think, but it’s not unknown in our experience of the natural world. And perhaps God’s willingness to sow without care can be a clue that can unlock the joy and abundant growth that is sometimes (ofttimes?) lacking in our lives.

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