Who is in, and who is kept out of the Family of God?

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Two small children playing flutes in a market place.

In this week’s Gospel, Jesus points out that people are criticizing him because he is meeting with the people that others think are beyond the reach of God. And that people are ignoring John the Baptist when we urge people to walk away from their sins and return to God’s presence. One group rejects Jesus’ for his tolerance, and the other rejects or ignores John for his call to holiness.

When we stop worrying about the other people, and worry more about God, we get the point that Jesus is making. All of us need to be remade into a new creation.

We are, individually and collectively, to come into the presence of God’s Love. That’s what Jesus is calling us to do in the final verses of this morning’s gospel. “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light” The burden he speaks of is his commandment that we love one another. We can never find the missing hole in our heart until we do this. Those who have ears will hear this. Those who have not grown them yet, can not.

God’s Kingdom will eventually include most of us; only the ones who cannot be near the people they hate will have to stand outside the circle.

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