Happy New Year and a blessed Feast of the Holy Name to you and yours!

Sermons and audio

IMG 0584Many, maybe even most churches will be observing this New Year’s Day by reading and singing Lessons and Carols. But there are probably a few out there who will be keeping the calendar’s Feast of the Holy Name, the eighth day after Christmas, when we mark that Jesus was circumcised according to the custom of his people. Jesus is Jewish, something that I’ve been surprised is not understood by more people. And that’s something that, in this season of rising anti-semitism, we Christians should keep reminding people.

In this week’s sermon that is being posted on New Year’s Day (which is the Feast of the Holy Name) I talk a bit about the role of ritual and discipline in our lives as well as the role of the Law in Jesus’ day and in our day today. I have some thoughts about how you might use these teachings to shape the year that we are beginning. 

I hope you have a blessed New Year and since it’s still the Feast of Christmas, Merry Christmas!

The direct link to the video is found here.