Christmas 2022; The Light of Creation entered our World in the deepest part of the night.

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The Christmas Star atop a treeWe talk in prayer and poetry of the night of Christ’s birth being filled with light. But it is was night, so what does that mean?

Light was created first – and on the first day. But the Sun and the Moon, the great lights in the sky, were created on the fourth day. How could there be light for Earth without the Sun and the Moon?

The ancient writers believe that the light of the first day is different than the light that shines from the sun and the moon. The light of the first day is the light of World, the Firstborn, the One whom St. John tells us came into the world as the Logos at Christmas.

It seems to me that we can’t see that light directly. It’s something that shines in the darkness, and illumines everything, but not in the same way that sunlight does. The Light shines and illumines even the parts of our existence where the light of Sun and the stars can not.

The direct link to the video is found here.

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  1. Barbara Capalbo says

    I’m a lighting designer and have always been aware of light and shadow. We know that light travels through, between and with dark matter but is not absorbed, reflected or refracted. It is, to me, God who sees the same in light or dark, nothing is outside of His understanding.
    We cannot see without shadow to guide our perception. God has no such compunction. We are all His always and forever in dark or light.

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