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An Advent wreath with a single lit candleWe’ve just finished putting up the Christmas decorations today. Doing that at the beginning of Advent represents a pretty big change in my thinking. It’s not a recent change though. It happened years ago when our daughter was younger and my wife and I were losing the argument with her that Advent was really a penitential season of the Church Year. I tell that story and describe the moment my own thinking changed as part of this sermon.

The reading this week tells about how the Son of Man will come suddenly and that at his appearing, some of us will be taken away and some of us will be left behind. But a careful reading of the passage, and a close look at the language that is used invites us to not fear the Advent of Jesus, but to long for it. That is really the key to unlocking a different way to keep this season of preparation and watching.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and pray that you receive every blessing as Advent begins.

The direct link to the video is found here.

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