Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And nobody else really is.

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Flowers in a pumpkin on a tableWhen we say Jesus is Lord, or that Christ is the King, we’re making a deep theological claim. Essentially, we’re rejecting all the secular structures of the World, and because of how Jesus comes to his Lordship, saying that the existing structures are fundamentally flawed and unjust.

But Christ’s Kingship isn’t just about a sustained critique of other’s leadership or use of power. St. Paul sees the Holy Spirit working even now in the World to reconstruct and redeem the unjust power structures so that they reflect the Creator’s original intent. It’s not that hierarchy is something that needs to be automatically rejected, it’s that we’ve yet to witness a hierarchy that functions according to God’s design.

This week we see Jesus ruling the World as he dies on the cross which the World condemned him to carry. On that cross, he is proclaimed King by action of the ruling power of his day. This week we see another model of leadership and get a glimpse of God’s plan.

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