Trust in God, even in the hard moments when God seems far away

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IMG 1754Such moments are pretty common frankly.

To be honest, that’s incredibly hard for us. We want to believe that we can control our fate. We can beat the odds. Not only that, but we can figure out a way to reverse the moment in which we find ourselves. And to be extra clear, that’s not just about us as a community. It’s true for us as individuals. We want to believe that we can be successful and happy. Even when the odds are stacked against us.

We can be happy, but not in the way we often imagine. We have to reimagine our lives and our fate in new ways, finding new stories and new perspectives and placing ourselves in those new modes. It’s true in so many ways.

Yet, most of all, we are called to be faithful and to trust that God is faithful. Perhaps the key is to remember that this moment, any moment, isn’t the whole story, but just a chapter or a scene in a longer narrative – one that we are still a part of even, when we seem to have vanished from this world.

The end we fear is not the real end at all. That’s the big deal that keeps us going. Death and destruction will pass away and all things will be made well.

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