Be merciful as God is merciful. This is the way to the blessing.

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IMG 1024As I post this, we stand on the brink of war in Europe. We seem to have arrived at the end of the Post-Cold War era and entering a new phase of global politics. I do not know what the future shall bring. But this I do know. There is one way to end the powerful preying on the poor, one way to end the endless cycles of war and violence. Jesus tells us the Way, Tolstoy wrote about it, Ghandi demonstrated it’s power and Dr. King showed us that it works in face of irrational hatred.

If we would be blessed, we need to bless the ones who curse us. We need to turn the other cheek. We need to choose the path of non-violence. This isn’t a theoretical teaching. Jesus and the first disciples overcame the greatest Empire of their age, Ghandi did in his day too. It is often hard to believe that this is the way to the blessing, but again and again it has been the only path.

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  1. Marlies Parent says

    Thank you for speaking out about this!! It should be shouted from all the church steeples, as well as our rooftops and street corners. Why don’t people get it that war doesn’t work?? Or maybe they do— we do — except the ones in power who don’t.
    Again, bless you for amplifying Jesus’s time-honored words! Marlies & George

  2. Elizabeth Nestor says

    really wise and hopeful words – thank you.

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