Jesus travels to the regions beyond and something surprising happens

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The Canaanite or Syrophoenician woman asks Christ to cure Wellcome V0034860People on the margins seem to have a different relationship with God, with Jesus, and an ability to presume upon that relationship, than do the rich and the powerful and the well connected.

This seems obvious, and unsurprising given the way that the whole of Holy Scripture speaks of God’s special love for the poor and marginalized, but in the Church today, we still seem surprised when we encounter it.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been pressured by people who want to use their money or their power as a tool to get their way in the Church – or I suppose with God.

All of this is illustrated in the Gospel reading this week as we hear of Jesus’ encounters with people in the regions north of Galilee, where the people who oppress his community are found.

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