Jesus our Mother Hen; Lent 2C 2013

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It’s taken years for me to finally understand the deep significance of Jesus, the Lamb of God, describing himself as a Mother Hen gathering her chicks under her wings in Jerusalem. It was reading a missionary’s experience while teaching in Tanzania that was where I found the key to unlocking what I believe is his meaning.

Having understand him finally, I started to ask what you and I in the Church were expected to do as a result? I found my answer in the final Collect for Mission in Morning Prayer.

See where you find your answer.

Lent 2C 2013 – the audio recording of the sermon preached on Feb. 24th at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Bristol Rhode Island.

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Episcopal bishop, dad, astronomer, erstwhile dancer...


  1. Scurrior says

    It might be a pain for you to produce these audios & to post them within 24 hours. Please know that they matter. Folks do actually listen all the way through. Sometimes, as I just did in the pre-dawn Sonoran desert, more than once.

    God, speaking through your voice thousands of miles away, has given me much to consider. Thank you.

  2. Anne L.Sheets says

    I am reading all your posts on Facebook, the Lenten studies in Luke and Acts, and all the past posts on Your blog, Entangled States. These readings are part of my Lenten discipline.

    Please know your words are reaching me in Sarasota, FL.

    Sent from my iPad Anne Sheets

  3. Anne Sheets says

    I replied through email. Please know these readings are part of my Lenten discipline. You are reaching me in Sarasota, Fl. My husband and I were former members of Trinity, Bethlehem.

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