Epiphany 3B 2012; Learning to reverse-crop


As a number of writers have pointed out, in the Book of Jonah, the Ninevehites repent but Jonah does not. Even though word of God comes to him three times. God asks Jonah to see the world differently. Jonah refuses.

What about us?

We've started a weekly parish Evensong at the Cathedral. When we preach at the service, there's more time to fully develop an idea. In this particular sermon, in the first part, as I introduce what I mean by the idea of "reverse cropping" I talk at a bit of length of the history of this blog and the meaning of the image at the top of this page.

If you've ever wondered about such things, hopefully you'll find your answer.

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  1. Bill Ghrist says

    OK. That bit in your sermon about our attitude toward “those Anglicans” hits pretty close to home here in Pittsburgh (although I do think of myself as Anglican–just not “that kind”). Last week in a discussion about our relationships with the folks who followed Bob Duncan out of the Episcopal Church, we were wondering about which of them might eventually return. Some who went with Duncan probably did so mainly because they did not want to break friendships or leave the churches where they felt at home, but others basically saw the Episcopal Church as enemy territory. Regarding the latter I expressed the opinion that I would rather that they do stay away. Guess I sound a bit like Jonah. Ouch.

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