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Yesterday, while I was diddling about with the banner on the top of the blog, I happened to notice that the email widget which subscribes people to my posts by email is reporting that there are something like 675 people doing that. That’s stunning to me.

Between email subscribers and the 200 or so of you who read my posts by RSS subscription, and the 200+ people who just load this page the old fashioned (in their web browsers) there’s quite a little community going. Thank you for that. I learn more from your comments than I imagine you do from my posts. Some of you have been instrumental in helping me think through theological issues, or have pointed out something to me about the implications of an experiment that I totally missed.

And that fact that so many people are willing to have my natterings clog up their email regularly is quite humbling.

But in case you don’t visit the web page very often, I should probably tell you that I share much more than appears here on the blog. I link to lots of articles, that are interesting, but, for whatever reason, not “bloggable” via my twitter account. (http://twitter.com/wnknisely)

There’s a similar number who follow my twitter account as who subscribe to the blog via email, but I’m thinking those are two roughly non-congruent sets of folks. So, if you want more, now you know where to find it.

And thanks for reading. Seriously. I’ve been quiet here for a while mostly because of a bad case of writer’s block. But that seems to be clearing for a whole bunch of reasons. Knowing you’re here helps.

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