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Just a quick note. Given the kerfluffle with Facebook and the magic super tracking they’re implementing, I’m finding that I’m using my twitter account more and more right now. That’s changed the way I blog. If there’s an interesting article or an idea that can be pithily expressed, I’m doing that on Twitter now more than as a full blog post. If you’re interested in such things, you can view all of that on the sidebar to the right —>

Or you can follow me directly on Twitter at (which means you can tell me when I’m, umm, mistaken…)

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    • I’ve actually started to really like it. I like the privacy policy. I like the way it allows people to post anonymously when they need to.

      And I think I’ve managed to get a handle on the news rate by using lists to organize the streams I’m subscribed to.

      • I’m a big fan of Twitter, so much so, that I clicked to follow you and found I already was!

        Anyway, I haven’t been following the blog long, but am already a big fan and will keep an eye open for you on Twitter….

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