More news about the FTL neutrino observations


I posted yesterday about the news out of CERN regarding what is now 16,000 observations that appear to show neutrinos traveling at about 106% of the speed of light.

The reaction here, and elsewhere was that there must be an error in the calibration of the equipment.

The news conference formally announcing the results was held this morning and the paper describing them published. Ars Technica points out that the paper clear about the objections to the result:

“As a spokesperson for the MINOS neutrino experiment told Ars yesterday, there are three potential sources of error in the timing measurements: distance errors, time-of-flight errors, and errors in the timing of neutrino production. The vast majority of both the paper and the lecture were dedicated to discussing how these errors were reduced (the actual detection of the neutrinos was only a small portion of the paper).”

More here.

Lot’s more at the link including a good discussion of the sorts of objections raised so far to the experiment’s results.

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