Rowan Williams on the limitations of explanations of the divine


Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, speaks of just how limited we are as human beings when we try to use our language and our thoughts to apprehend the fullness of God's existence. And yet at the same time he cautions against simply rejecting the Creeds or other traditional statements as too limited to be of use.

It's interesting that a similar situation often happens in science – language fails us and we have to move to another dialect (like calculus or geometry) to try to explain what we mean.

This is particularly apropos given this week's reading of the Theophanic vision in the Book of Job. (I'm up to my elbows at the moment in a study looking for connections between the traditional ritualized Assyrian royal lion hunt and the language God speaks to Job out of the Whirlwind. You'll have to come to church on Sunday to hear the connections – or wait till I get the sermon posted.)

Thanks to Father Dan Martins for the pointer to this video.

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