NIH director Francis Collins named to Vatican scientific body

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Francis Collins, who was appointed to head the National Institute of Health by President Obama this past summer has been named to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences by Pope Benedict.

Collins, who has a PhD in Physics and one in Biology is most famous for his attempt to reconcile his faith with his scientific training:

“His best-selling book, The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief (2006), argued for the compatibility of Darwin’s theory of natural selection with the existence of a creator God.

Rejecting both creationism and intelligent design, Collins espoused ‘theistic evolution’ as an explanation for the existence of the universe and life.

Collins’ well-known religious views reportedly aroused criticism from some fellow scientists after President Obama chose him to head the NIH in July.”

Read the USA Today article here.

Thanks to Pixie (@pmelfi) for pointing this out to us.

I blogged something on Collins in 2006 here.

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