Queen ‘appalled’ at the CoE ?


The Telegraph (to be read with some skepticism) quoting unnamed moles reports:

“According to informants quoted in The Catholic Herald, the Queen has ‘grown increasingly sympathetic’ to the Catholic Church over the years while being ‘appalled’, along with the Prince of Wales, at developments in the Church of England.

The usually well-informed newspaper adds that the Queen, who is the Supreme Governor of the C of E, is ‘also said to have an affinity with the Holy Father, who is of her generation'”

Read the full article here.

Apparently Her Majesty is expected to offer the Holy Father one of the spare rooms at Buckingham Palace during his upcoming visit to England.

This isn’t the first time some (like me) has speculated on this possibility. There’s not much new here in the rest of the article, but if the moles are to be believed, it’s another sign that there’s something interesting to speculate upon.

Can’t say I blame her at being appalled at the behavior of the Church of England, and the Anglican Communion as a whole though. I’m guessing there’s a whole raft of strange bedfellows who are with her on that. Grin.

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  1. ruidh says

    I’m not sure at what she is appalled. This article seems like at attempt to make a story out of nothing. As I recall, the big deal made by the conservative groups at her comments were to take non-committal platitudes and try to whip them into expressions of support.

  2. Howard Merrick says

    I don’t understand why the Daily Telegraph of London should be “read with some skepticism”. I have found that their commentary on cricket meets the highest standards of journalism in the UK.

  3. Christopher says

    To be frank, I would be just as appalled at the RCC. It’s handling of clergy abuse scandals has been, well, scandalous and a clear sign of problems in ecclesiology and polity and governance.

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