Compline at the Cathedral


Compline Poster_final There's a small but growing group of people who come into the mysterious, mediative Cathedral nave on Sunday nights here in Phoenix. Fr. Craig Bustrin, Timothy Loeffler (Gregorian choir director) and a dedicated group of chanters offer Compline at 8 pm every Sunday evening.

I've attached a copy of the poster that Fr. Craig created to post around the center-city and on ASU's downtown campus. It's an image of the nave during the service. (And just to be clear, it's not photoshopped or significantly manipulated. That's what the space looks like as you enter.) Click on the image at right to see the full-size verion. Feel free to share it with anyone you'd like.

Even better, join us.

We're working on getting a recording of the choir so that people who can't make it downtown on Sunday night will at least be able to participate in the music and the silence.

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  1. Theresa Stottlemire says

    What is Comline? Catholic girl just wants to know Dean

  2. It’s the way the Church says “Good night” to God. It’s a monastic office (usually the one that begins the night time silence of most intentional communities.
    It’s found in our prayer book near the front after Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer. We tend to read it together at the end of church meetings and anytime we are on retreat together.
    At the Cathedral it’s a half hour to 45 minute service that’s wonderfully quiet, mysterious and deeply evocative. The chanting in the darkness filled with the smell of incense and the flickering candles takes you somewhere wonderful during the prayer time.
    There’s a small reception following most weeks. I understand one of the regulars has appointed himself the official desert maker to Compline.
    You can find more info here.
    Come down and give it a shot some evening. They’d be delighted to welcome you.

  3. Nate says

    I love Compline! I was actually just thinking tonight that I haven’t been to a Compline service for a very long time. Too bad I’m about 2000 miles too far east!

  4. Craig’s graphic for compline is just right – I wish more churches and cathedrals would display this level of quality in their marketing and communications. I’ve cross-posted it here:
    – Mel Ahlborn

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    Love to read more from you on the topic above

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