Evangelical overreaction to Sebelius nomination

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Halden makes a great point noting the way that Evangelicals in the Republican party are reacting to nomination of Kathleen Sebelius to serve as the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Obama administration.

Sebelius is on the record as believing that abortion procedures should be legally available. She’s also on record as saying the state should do everything in its power to alleviate the conditions that drive pregnant women to decide that aborting a child is the best solution to their problem pregnancy.

While governor of Kansas her policies measurably reduced the abortion rate in the state by something like 10% – according to her office.

Halden points out that if this is true, then the issue for her critics is not reducing the number of abortions;

“[I]ts all about ideology. Even if her policies reduce the number of abortions it doesn’t matter because she is ideologically in favor of abortions. This seems to smack of what McCarraher spoke of regarding the way pro-life Christians have tended to make fetuses into a fetish. What matters is not whether or not some abortions get prevented, but whether or not our leaders, both ecclesial and political regard the fetus with the same sort of sacrosanctness.”

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