Quick Test of MacJournal


I’m like a moth that keeps coming back to a light. I’ve been hoping to use MacJournal as a tool to blog my thoughts to this online journal.

For the most part it’s worked. But recently the software has had the unfortunate ability to lose all my data each time I try to sync the data between multiple computers. I can deal with not being able to sync. But to failing to sync and then nuking all the data, that’s just not acceptable. I’ve had to go back to a 2007 archive to try to get things back to where I can use them again.

We’ll see if this will work better now.

This post represents a test to see if I can get these things to post to the online side.

I hope I can get this working. I’ve got a bunch of random thoughts squirreled away in an ordinary book in this program. I’ve been working around the software’s problems by putting that sort of stuff into Yojimbo (yet another personal database program). But when it works, MacJournal is a much better solution for someone to write things into. Yojimbo’s more of a data capture sort of tool.

UPDATE: Heh. Shut down the program. Pushed the data to MobileMe. Reopened the program. And totally lost all the data. Quality. Quality Product.

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