Problems at the Cafe


By the way, if you’re having trouble leaving comments over on the Episcopal Cafe, be assured you’re not the only one. I can’t comment over there either right now nor can most of the news team.

The problem seems to be that the clock on the host server has the wrong time. Having the same time on the client and the server is very important when you try to manage authentication, and a time difference of only a few minutes can really muck things up. (Which is apparently what’s happened.)

We’re working on getting someone to reset the clock on the Cafe’s server, but it may a day or so till things are working again. I’d invite you to email me directly your comments on posts over there, but I’m afraid I can’t do much with them as I can’t log in either.

Ah well. Perhaps the enforced silence will do us all good.

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  1. pete says

    ntpdate in the rc.local file is your friend

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