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Someone asked me the other day if there was a version of the Daily Office that was available for the iPhone. I know there’s at least one group working on making the Office available for mobile devices (among others) but as far as I know they’re still in the design phase.

So I did a little searching tonight and came across this site which is dedicated for people using iPhones and iPod Touches. I think the specificity is due to the need for a decent browser.

The site is quite nice. It’s a slightly modified format, and I’m not sure if they’re using the full lessons according to the Prayer Book lectionary, but for someone on the go, this is a great way to catch your breath.

Which is apparently the idea that motivated the site’s creation.

From their “About” page:

“For thousands of years, the people of Jehovah have come to Him throughout the day to praise Him, confess sin and cry out on behalf of others and themselves. In the life of the early church prayers consisted of almost the same elements as the Jewish customary times of prayer: a recital or chanting of the Psalms, the reading of the Old Testament, to which was soon added the reading of the Gospels, Acts, and Epistles, and at times the singing of canticles (songs), composed or improvised. And of course throughout the life of higher ecclesiastical forms of Church (Roman, Anglican, Lutheran, etc…), fixed-hour prayer was a long held, deeply integral part of personal and communal spiritual practices.

But something has been lost in our technological and cultural evolution; a grounding in the wider, deeper streams of the Community of Yahweh and historical practices has been forsaken. As we move into sleeker forms of Church and more technologically savvy worship environments, a tethering to our deep historic past continues to fray. As society has become multi-tasked and cluttered, time for and commitment to spiritual disciplines has wanned.

This space is dedicated to recapturing ancient fixed-hour prayer for the 21st century and meant to be an oasis in the midst of your chaotic day. For each day of the week, three amended ‘offices’ are designed to provide simple, yet meaningful sessions of personal prayer that are accessible anywhere in the world. To begin, click on the ‘start’ button in the above header. Then simply select your day, choose the time of day and enjoy a time of personal fellowship, praise, and prayer with your Creator and Restorer.”

From here.

The site is found here.


Thanks especially to Eric for pointing to this site below in the comments. It’s the Office set up for daily use on the Kindle – and it’s works very well on the iPhone as well.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Universalis.com already has the full Office for the iPhone.

  2. Thanks “anon”. But that appears to the Roman office not the Anglican one. (Or am I missing something?)
    I should probably have been more clear about which office it was that I was referring to above.

  3. Caelius Spinator says

    The cooler part of this site is that it is run by someone with no apparent Episcopal background or connexions and yet he’s using the BCP Office. I swear the BCP really be the Book of Common Prayer some day.

  4. Caelius Spinator says

    I swear the BCP really will be the Book of Common Prayer some day.

  5. Cory says

    I just saw the BCP on the Apple Store for the iPhone and iPod. It is called iBCP, I’ll download it tonight to check it out.

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