A tricky question …..

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One of my search agents dug this one up for me. It’s a paragraph from a much longer essay sent to the Gray Monk’s blog. Tis not by the Monk, but it’s a response to another question about whether or not the mainstream churches have lost their way…

“Has the Church lost its way? I would argue not. Sometimes the message of the Church is not what people want to hear, and at the moment, certainly within the Anglican communion, the message is unpopular since it doesn’t allow individuals to shirk their individual responsibilities and off load them onto some amorphous ‘other’. That flies in the face of the current political and media driven mantra that says we are collective responsible for the wrongs of the individual. The Church also faces some very tough challenges arising through science and medicine, challenges which make us look again at ethics, at what scripture really says about certain things and at how we respond to them. These are not matters that can be respolved by taking simplistic views and clinging to them, they need to be examined carefully and honestly and then a solution which is compatible with our beliefs worked out before we respond. Unfortunately again, the media and the political classes demand instant answers to questions which could take years to resolve.”

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