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What a delight to get a note from Chuck this morning let me know that he’s decided to enter the blogsphere. That makes six of us blogging away in the Diocese of Arizona that I know of. (Myself, MumCat, Gil Stafford, Jim Strader and now Chuck)

Here’s Chuck’s first post and introduction:

“To many people the focus of this blog will come as a surprise. I am fairly well known in Arizona political circles as a Democratic member of the State Senate in the 1990’s, as a Member of the Clinton Administration in President’s second term (serving in both the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Pentagon), and as a lawyer for various Democratic candidates and organizations and progressive causes. Many people would therefore expect me to focus on politics and public policy. The people who know me best, however, know that lately my focus has been elsewhere–on questions of faith. That will be the focus of this blog. Of course, I am an unreformed political junky and will, at times, talk about current political events. And, as should soon be clear, I think that my faith itself has political implications. Nonetheless, I will aim to focus on what matters first–my faith.”

Read the rest here: This Blog

Be sure to read the second blog entry on GLBT people in the Episcopal Church as well.

(Via A Guy in the Pew.)

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