Mellel – reason in of itself to switch to OS X


Link: Press Release August 28, 2006.

Mellel 2.2 introduces several new citation and bibliography features, making citation entry, verification and scanning easier than ever before. The new features further solidify Mellel’s position as the leading word processor for writers and scholars. Mellel 2.2 also introduce several exciting and unique character styling options, including sophisticated background, outline, and line option. Another key feature in Mellel 2.2 is the Marker palette, allowing users to mark text as with a highlighter and easily search for highlighted text in the document.

A few years ago, fed up with trying to find decent anti-virus program, and dealing with the after-effects of a hard drive crash, I sold all my windows based computers and moved our family over to OS X. I did it mostly for security reasons, but also because it’s so easy to backup my really important data (email, address book and calendar).

But there have been any number of serendipitous discoveries as I made the migration back to OS X. The best of which has been the program Mellel. It claims to be the leading OS XC word processor for writers and scholars. It’s FAST, lightweight, stays out of your way while writing, and manages multiple languages, references and structured documents superbly.

I’ve been using it as my primary word processor for 2 years now. I’m never going back. If you use OS X and you haven’t tried it yet, give it a look. It’s written by two brothers based in Israel – and it’s the only word processor that I’ve ever come across that really manages to make it easy to input words left to right and then right to left in the same document – a key feature for anyone who writes or quotes biblical languages.

UPDATE: Just found a link with information that Mellel is “on special” today if you’re thinking of snapping up a copy.

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