Oil Companies Discuss Energy Challenges

Climate Change

More on the topic of Climate Change today:

“(AP) — With dwindling oil supplies, pollution concerns and the ever-present threat of gas prices soaring again, talk of new and better ways to fuel our cars, heat and cool our homes, and power our factories has never been greater. What’s more, the conversation is emanating increasingly from a source that’s been surprisingly quiet until recently – the oil companies themselves.

And, as the year progresses, expect to see industry leaders – including the chiefs of ConocoPhillips and Royal Dutch Shell PLC’s U.S. division – speaking in cities across America in an unprecedented campaign to educate consumers on energy related issues and discuss topics such as ethanol and renewable fuels. It’s also an opportunity for the companies to polish their images.

Why now? The reasons are varied, but increased public and congressional scrutiny of oil companies because of up-and-down gasoline prices and record profits certainly is a factor. The companies’ own bottom lines also play a key role: The cost of finding and tapping new oil and gas reserves is on the rise while the worldwide appetite for energy is only getting bigger. “

A number of people have argued that high energy prices are going to be the only mechanism that forces consumers to start making energy-concious decisions when it comes to their daily life. I’m finding myself in the strange position of rooting for higher monthly bills for myself so that we will all start taking environmental stewardship more seriously.

And in other news, my bike is cleaned, the wheels are trued and I’m ready to roll. Now I just need to see if there’s a good route that will get me from our townhouse to the Cathedral downtown.

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  1. Hey, Nick. I can just see you riding your bike in your clericals! Wish I could join you, but at least I bought a Prius today so that I would not only use less energy but create fewer engine emissions. I enjoy your blog and read it frequently. Margi Moore YDS’92

  2. Hey – the black hides the stains so well. Grin.
    Thanks for your note Margi – glad to hear that you’re reading along. Hope all is well in your corner of God’s creation.

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