Deimel: High Anxiety in Pittsburgh


Lionel Deimel – an old friend and colleague of mine from my Pittsburgh days has a post up about what’s happening in that diocese in the run up to the coming Primate’s Meeting in Tanzania:

Link: Lionel Deimel’s Web Log.

Anxiety is high in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, and the emotion probably cuts across any divisions in the diocese one might identify. The cause is the upcoming meeting of the Anglican Communion primates in Tanzania and its possible aftermath. What is in store for the Diocese of Pittsburgh and, particularly, for the loyal Episcopalians who are living within its boundaries?

Lionel writes for himself, but I think his words accurately reflect the feelings of many Episcopalians in Pittsburgh who are hoping to find a way to continue the ministry and presence of the Episcopal Church in Western PA. Bishop Duncan, also an old friend and colleague of mine is taking a series of actions that are hard for me to fully understand – specifically in regard to the way that the loyalist parishes are being treated.

It’s certainly worth taking the time to read the full essay completely.

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