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There’s been a bit of news that’s come out over the weekend regarding the Kigali Statement which was issued by a meeting of the Primates of the Global South Provinces of the Anglican Communion late last week. The statement itself calls for the creation of alternative church structures in The Episcopal Church so that conservative clergy don’t have to be responsible in their ministry to people that they find unacceptably liberal.

Apparently the signatures on the document are not all equally valid:

“In view of the statement issued today by the Primate of Southern Africa, the question arises as to who exactly has endorsed the Kigali statement. Here’s a summary of the situation so far (emphasis added to some of the quotes):

Archbishop Ndungane said:

I wish to offer this clarification of the position of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, in light of the potentially misleading impression that our Province has endorsed the Communiqué issued at the end of the meeting. Whereas Canon Livingstone Ngewu and I were present in Kigali, neither of us were made aware even of the possibility of a communiqué in the name of the Primates of the Global South, prior to its release.”

Thinking Anglicans goes on to post in detail the various stories that have been published and the way that the stories have presented both the Kigali Statement and its possible ramifications.

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