BAW: Tutu expresses shame at Anglican church


I knew that Tutu was objecting to statements that claim to speak for all of the Anglicans in Africa, but this story, posted today, is a reminder that the Anglican churches on the continent of Africa are not of one mind about many of our contemporary issues. Nor are the Anglican Churches of South America either…

“OHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) – Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in the first authorized biography of the Nobel peace laureate, said he was ashamed of his Anglican Church’s conservative position that rejected gay priests.

[…]Excerpts from the book were scheduled to be appear in South Africa on Friday and the biography was scheduled for release in time for Tutu’s 75th birthday on Oct. 7.

The retired archbishop was critical of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams for bowing on the gay priest issue to conservative elements, particularly African bishops, in the 77-million member Anglican Church that includes Episcopalians in the United States.”

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  1. Bob in wash,pa says

    I have seen this man on TV and on the web. When I feel like my faith is slipping or I need a pep talk I watch ++Tutu’s homily on (video files). The archbishop talks about us being the beloved of God and there is nothing, absolutely nothing we can do to change that. That each and everyone is precious, even me (and I’ve doubted that at times).
    I’m glad his words are being heard again and again. All people are the beloved of God and we need to (me included) to keep that in mind when we interact with each other and the wider community. Excluding gay and lesbians as if they’re not the beloved children of God is wrong.
    Here Here for ++Desmond.
    God’s Peace Bob

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