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Robert Certain, the deputy who moved to dismiss resolution D058, “Salvation through Christ Alone” wrote a post explaining his reasoning and sent it to the email discussion list of the House of Bishops and Deputies. His post has been shared over at a new blog site called “The Episcopal Majority

Here are a couple of points he makes:

“I have seen with some alarm the way in which resolution D058 is being used around the church, including in a newsletter article by Bishop Stanton of Dallas. Since I am the one who moved discharge of that resolution, I want to share my reasoning with the wider church.


First, this is an inappropriate subject for legislation. It is part of the historic doctrine of the Church, and such cannot be changed except in Ecumenical Council, the last of which was held in the 10th century.”

That first point to me is the most important. General Convention does not have the power to alter the teachings of the catholic faith. So any resolution that asks it to reaffirm such a resolution can not be taken at face value – and judging by the way this resolution’s discharge has been used, D058 was not intended to be.

Read the rest here: “Salvation through Christ Alone” — Well, Of Course!

Andrew Gerns has written a lengthy response to a screed sent to one of our local newspapers here in the Lehigh Valley by a local pastor. The letter that was published attacks the Episcopal Church and claims it is no longer Christian. Fr. Andrew answers the attacks point by point, and it’s well worth your time to read.

Here’s the link to Father Gerns’ post. Andrew Plus: Response to Pastor Kleffman-081306.

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