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Over the past few days we have announced to the people of Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix and Trinity Parish, Bethlehem that I have received and accepted a call to serve as the 14th Dean of the Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona.

My last Sunday in Bethlehem will be on Sept. 10th and I start in Phoenix on the 15th of the month.

Such announcements are full of excitement and joy at the new opportunities that God is bringing, but there’s also sadness that comes from the parting with dear friends in the parish and in the Diocese of Bethlehem where I have been serving these past eight years.

I will have more to say on both as my family and I make the transition from parish to cathedral, but for the moment, let me simply just share the news with all of you have been reading my writing on this blog. I intend to keep this blog active and will be returning to regular posting when I return from vacation this weekend.

I do ask you to pray for the people of both congregations and for my family as we begin this new ministry. We’ve never lived west of Pittsburgh so this is going to be quite the adventure for us.

As the Interim Dean of Trinity wrote me late last week, the trick is to keep reminding yourself that it’s a “dry heat”.

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  1. Martha Blacklock says

    From New Mexico — where we have been having floods for three weeks — this looks like good news. See you around.

  2. Nick,
    Wonderful news. I have been in Trinity Cathedral a few times for Eucharist and always received a delightful welcome. My prayers are with you and your family–although I’d rather have you on the ballot in So. Ohio, I admit God knows what He is doing. In another vein, keep me in your prayers, I’ve spent the first half of August in the hospital with cellulitis in my right arm and am just now beginning to recover. I frieghtened Richelle pretty bad. But things are getting better.
    Jeff Queen+

  3. Nick, I welcome you, as the Episcopal Chaplain at the University of AZ, to the Diocese of AZ and the southwest. I pray that God will grace you and your family w/ patience, peace, and hope as you transition from East –> West. I believe you will find the Trinity Cathedral community to be resilient, community-focused, and charming. Godspeed and Good-ness as you begin this work in your vocation.

  4. Paul Martin says

    Congratulations and best wishes. I was in Albuquerque for about six years. The west takes some getting used to, but it grows on you.

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