Tim Bray: Lebanon Roundup

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Tim Bray, a software developer, who spent a number of years living in Lebanon has been posting commentary about the situation in that country on his blog. Here are the first few lines of his most recent posting:

“The commentary is voluminous and I don’t think I have much to add, so I’ll keep my contribution short. Directing military force in such a way that it kills hundreds of civilians is unacceptable behavior, and any group, tribe, or nation that does so loses all moral standing. Those who are defending this behavior need to have a close look at the axioms and arguments that lead them to such a deeply broken conclusion. Once again: Military violence against civilians is wrong.”

Read the rest here: Lebanon Roundup

There’s much more if you follow the link, including links to a number of additional resources about what is going on right now in Lebanon, and its moral and long-term consequences.

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