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Jim Naughton has posted the following, somewhat lighthearted idea, on Daily Episcopalian:

“I would like to nominate J. K. Rowling as the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Or perhaps the current Archbishop of Canterbury, if that can be arranged. I recognize that there are numerous obstacles to her consecration. The Church of England doesn’t yet consecrate women to the episcopacy. Rowling has not been ordained. For all I know, she may not even be an Anglican. But these are trifles when weighed against the opportunity for the Anglican Communion to get its hands on the one instrument that might help us make sense of where we stand in the wake of recent developments.

I speak, of course, of the Sorting Hat, the remarkable creation that assigns young newcomers to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to the proper ‘house.’ We need the hat to tell us where to sit and who to hang out with, because all of the place cards at the Anglican party have been rearranged by Peeves, or the house elves.”

I think there may be merit to this idea. Certainly, as I’ve mentioned, we’d be naive to think that there’re only two groups within the Episcopal Church that are commingled at the moment. I immediately think of three, and Andrew Goddard writing for the Fulcrum has identified four…

Read the rest here: Draft Rowling

(Via The Daily Episcopalian.)

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  1. Ahem. JK Rowling is (by reputation, at least) a member of the Church of Scotland. That Church not only professes an ecclesiology arguably higher than most Anglican varieties, it had a most satisfactory solution to the problems of bishops and archbishops.

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