String Theory a Disaster for Physics?


Interesting post over at There are some real problems with String Theory – chief of which is that the math is so hard to work with that no one is really sure how to make it do something useful. Most everything you want to do can be done and that makes it hard to force the math technology to make a testable prediction. To my knowledge (and I could be wrong here) there has yet to be a really testable (falsifiable) prediction that has come out of the work done in particle physics and cosmology using String Theory.

“BlueCup writes ‘Mathematician Peter Woit of Columbia University describes string theory in his book Not Even Wrong,. He calls the theory ‘a disaster for physics.’ Which would have been a fringe opinion a few years ago, but now, after years of string theory books reaching the best sellers list, he has company.'”

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(Via Slashdot.)

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