Fr. David Roseberry’s: Is “yes” enough?

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David Roseberry writes the following words in his General Convention blog post:

“Resolution B-033 is almost exactly what I would have wanted it to be. It is a moratorium on the consent and thereby consecration of a gay bishop. I don’t read it that way right away, but I am amazed that such a strong and clearly worded resolution is placed before the House of Bishops by the PB. It passes on the last day of legislation. In fact, it is just in the nick of time. Please read the resolution yourself and think it through:

‘Resolved, that this Convention therefore call upon Standing Committees and bishops with jurisdiction to exercise restraint by not consenting to the consecration of any candidate to the episcopate whose manner of life presents a challenge to the wider church and will lead to further strains on communion.’

When I have some time to think about it I realize that the House of Bishops has just passed something that only God could get past the House of Bishops: The resolution is a moratorium. It doesn’t contain the word moratorium, but it has the same effect. The House of Bishops has passed a resolution to NOT consent to a gay bishop again. There is no sunset clause. There is no time limit. It is the promise of the House of Bishops to the whole of the Anglican Communion…in writing.”

Having said all this, he then goes on to discount the ability of the Episcopal Church to live into the words it has adopted and the sacrifice it has just made. His writing reminds me in a way of the press release the AAC made after Bishop Andrus’ election in California – to which someone responded, the AAC can’t take “yes” for an answer…

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  1. AmyS says

    Of course the AAC can’t take yes for an answer…. not when it’s not the “yes, we’ll throw certain people out of the HoB and throw certain others under the bus” they want. They’re no better than the schoolyard bully who won’t stop without getting everyone’s lunches. And it is time they were held accountable, despite the further pain that would cause.

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