Canon Jane Teter: My thoughts on what Sunday means

General Convention

Sunday – A day that made history.

The day began with a wonderful celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The celebrant and preacher was the Presiding Bishop. As the service ended we waited as the Bishop’s boarded buses to take them to Trinity Church where they were sequestered to elect the new Primate.

Deputies went back to their work on the floor, assured that we would be kept informed of the progress of the election.

As we recessed for lunch, the anticipation was rising, and rumors were humming!

As we returned to the floor it is hard to describe the amount of energy in the room and among the deputies. We were filled with energy and expectation.

When the announcement was made there was almost a gasp, and then the House and gallery broke into uncontrollable applause. The House was asked to confirm the elections and then we recessed until the new bishop would arrive to greet us. Every cellphone on the floor was in use – the world soon new what had just happened!

It was a wonderful day of history making. The first woman elected as our Primate the same year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the ordination of women.

The Holy Spirit does work in mysterious way and many surprises. The Holy Spirit has sent us the person we need to lead us at this time of the church’s history. We give thanks to God.

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