She’s a careful pilot.

General Convention

I had a chance to speak with some of the deputation from Nevada, where +Katharine is the Diocesan. They said that they’ve always been sort of worried about her as she flew her plane around the diocese. There are many deep canyons across the state and as a result there are unexpected up and down drafts that can make flying a small plane quite dicey.

But, one member told me, they stopped worrying after they saw that +Katharine is a careful pilot. She makes her plans, files them and then follows them.

It occurs to me this morning that we have received as a Presiding Bishop elect is just that – a careful pilot.

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but in case you’re wondering.. The deputation from Bethlehem voted unanimously to consent to the election of Bishop Katharine as Presiding Bishop.

The deputation from Fort Worth have just stood and announced that they have filed an emergency appeal to the Archbishop of Canterbury for alternate Primatial oversight. They have filed this appeal in good faith – which is in keeping with the language that was adopted for DEPO yesterday by action of the House of Deputies.

– Nick+

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