“We know the church is one…”

General Convention / Religion

"but experience many churches…The problem is that we are
both one church and many churches: one church as a whole, but with each
person bringing their own sense of that one church into the mix.
Sometimes it is difficult to meld the many different churches as
experienced into the One
," wrote Fr. Mark Harris yesterday on Preludium

Today, he says that the first day of GC was spent "mending nets… The building of a shared
listening and language of faith, and a witness to passions in ministry
and hopefulness for our work actually took place. I felt honored to
hear the faith, passion and hope statements of others, and delighted to
share my own. The sharing was not easy and the stories were not easy,
but the doing of the thing lifted the load considerably."

Prayers for all our Bishops and Deputies as they listen to each other with the ears of their hearts, and work hard to mend the nets with which our Church fishes for people.


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