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Fr. Nick Knisely (owner of this blog) has now been outed by Sean McConnell, as "the geekiest priest I know" and "tech evangelist".  Well, gosh, Sean, WE KNEW THAT!  Sean is set to begin podcasting from GC with his new EpiscoPod on Wednesday, June 14.  No surprise that Fr. Geek will be featured on the inaugural episode.

ClassicalAnglican has an ever-growing summary of live blogs  and photographs from GC.   I note that some of the Conservative Episcopalian ones are labeled "Anglican Bloggers", while other Episcopalian ones are simply called "Other Live Bloggers". Wonder what the sorting criteria are?


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  1. Hi Laura, just thought I’d explain a bit about how we broke up the links over on the Classical Anglican GenCon06 blog.
    The “Anglican bloggers” were posted by the original designer of the site, the “Live blogger” and are all blogs that are hosted by or very closely linked to Classical Anglican Net (CANNet). (StandFirm is independent, but we CANNet bloggers have been doing lots of joint projects with StandFirm.)
    All the links to the “Other Live Bloggers were links I compiled, based on info others provided, or sites I found by searching online and following links.
    The first group of “Other Live Bloggers” all tend to be on the conservative side of the spectrum. They’re folks we who are running GenCon06 know and are in touch with personally, the links we can vouch for.
    The Other Live Bloggers II are ALL the others we are finding who are commenting live from Columbus. Known & unknown. Conservative or liberal, deputies or just your everyday garden parishoner or volunteer who’s visiting GenCon.
    It’s really not meant to be a theological divide. It was largely a matter of convenience so that the 15-20 links we most wanted to be able to reference quickly (e.g. Bishop Stanton, Diocese of Pittsburgh, BabyBlue, Lydia Evans) didn’t get buried in with 100+ other links.
    As for Nick’s blog, we know Kendall Harmon appreciates Nick and his work alot, and Nick was included specifically in Kendall’s list of recommended resources.
    Hope that helps answer the questions. Here’s how Kendall’s resource page lists the blogs:
    Some Deputies’ Blogs:
    The Rev. John Burwell, clergy deputy, SC
    Brad Drell, lay deputy, Western Louisiana
    Lydia Evans, lay deputy, SC
    The Rev. Nick Knisely, clergy deputy, Bethlehem
    Other Blogs:
    BabyBlue Online (VA laywoman and experienced GC veteran) (Kevin Kallsen will be providing video footage from Columbus)
    Global South Anglican (reaction from abroad)
    Stand Firm(The Rev. Matt Kennedy and others commenting from Columbus)
    Blessings, elfgirl

  2. lauramh says

    Thanks, ElfGirl. Helpful to know …

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