General Convention Resources

General Convention

As the beginning of General Convention draws near, a number of resources are coming online.

  • I’ve posted a list of news and blogs that will be providing daily coverage of what’s happening in Columbus.
  • Kendall Harmon has posted an omnibus page with links to all kinds of important reference material.
  • The list of all legislation to be considered (as of this moment) at General Convention.
  • The schedule of events is posted.
  • The “Blue Book”; – which contains all the official reports and “A”; resolutions.
  • Video interviews with the candidates for the Presiding Bishop election.
  • Keep watching this page. As more resources become available, I’ll be posting them.

    (Of all the things mentioned above, the most useful one will be the database of all the legislation. Resolutions are referred to by their “number” designation (A001, B001, C001 or D001 for example) when General Convention is in session, and while the deputies on the floor may know what folks are talking about, it’s a lot easier to follow along if you have the program.)

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