Fr. Timothy Fountain: The Broad Church, The Orthodox, and GLBT’s; How Can The Minorities Live With The Majority?

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Brad Drell’s site has posted a thoughtful essay by Fr. Fountain which attempts to not just diagnose the issues that confront our denomination, but which also make some concrete suggestions about ways to move forward in the short-term. Get thee over there…

“1. Both LGBT and theologically informed, orthodox Episcopalians are minorities in the denomination.
2. Much of ECUSA’s conflict is fueled by these groups’ efforts to establish their security in an environment that is (and might always be) ambivalent (or even hostile) toward them.

If I had the solution, I’d bottle it and sell it. Absent that, I ask us to think about ways that we might minister to the fears of both minorities. In offering some responsive love and respect, perhaps we can mitigate some of their perceived need to fight for survival and the collateral damage to the greater church.”

Full article here.

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