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My Zunivers: October 2005:

“At its core, intelligent design (ID) is different from the anthropic principle or the teleological argument. Intelligent design does not talk only about a designer, but also says that the designer has continually tinkered with living structures. For this reason, ID is applied only to the study of evolution of living things. I’ve never seen it applied elsewhere and still maintain this tinkering characteristic; in those cases, it might as well be called the anthropic principle, the teleological argument, or whatever is appropriate in the situation. The words ‘intelligent design’ just serve to turn those tired old phrases into a new, catchy buzzword (like when my research group called protein crystallization the ‘self assembly of biological nanoparticles’). The only exception I can imagine would be progressive creation theologies that have God continually working everywhere, always creating.”

A friend of mine has shared his thoughts about Intelligent Design. Definitely worth reading!

(Via My Zuniverse.)

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