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The awe-inspiring majesty of the universe, with its incomprehensible dimensions of space and time, provokes a paradoxical sense of both the nearness and the distance of God. As one who views the cosmos through the lens of faith, O’Donoghue shows a keen understanding of this complexity. Her bookshelves alone speak to the enormous amount of intellectual energy she has devoted to exploration of this paradox, holding diverse titles such as Chaos, Vital Dust, and Through a Universe Darkly, as well as the writings of Fr. Richard Rohr and religion scholar Karen Armstrong. O’Donoghue speaks eloquently about the interplay between faith and science.

“I believe completely in the cosmology that physics teaches in evolution,” she said. “And I believe God works somewhere within the laws of physics. I look at the generosity of the universe, the richness of it, the fact that life manages to live in every environment, from the boiling pools of Yellowstone to the dry pits of Antarctica. Life is just everywhere and it is so abundant. The universe doesn’t tell me to believe in God, but once I believe in God, the universe tells me a lot about God — the abundance, the exuberance, the fecundity of it all.”

This is a wonderful article. Thanks Jan for pointing me to it. It’s really worth reading.

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