NEW HAMPSHIRE: Rector resigns in


NEW HAMPSHIRE: Rector resigns in wake of Nash case: “NEW HAMPSHIRE: Rector resigns in wake of Nash case

TILTON, NH (6/4/2005)– The Rev. Janet Lombardo, pastor of Trinity Episcopal Church, has resigned following 14 hours of meetings with church leaders and Bishop Gene Robinson.

The meetings focused on five issues including pastoral judgment, notably allowing a convicted felon to become a leader of the youth group and permitting him to have control of the checkbook for the church’s food pantry program.

Lombardo, reached at her home Wednesday, said she did not wish to make any comment.

The resignation comes about a month after the indictment mid-April of Scott Nash, a senior warden at the church. Nash has been indicted in Merrimack County for allegedly molesting young children and in Belknap County for allegedly stealing money from the church-run food bank.”

(Via VirtueOnline.)

I expect this was posted as way of slamming +Gene Robinson. But it points to something much more important, taking the protection of our parish children seriously. We have instituted guidelines here in the Diocese of Bethlehem which require criminal background checks and child abuse protection training for all staff and vestry members of our parishes. People has asked why this was necessary.

This is why.

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