Clergy Apparel


I managed to find some clergy shirts finally that actually fit. It seems most of the makers (cough*ALMY*cough) of clergy apparel have been changing the cut of the clothes they sell. Apparently many of America’s clergy are getting a bit more “rotund” of late.

I, on the other hand, seem to be bucking this trend. Having lost 20 pounds over the last couple of months I am now swimming in my shirts. The neck still fits but the rest is huge.

Well Hooray for Friar Tuck shirts. And Hooray for the Augsburg bookstore. I was in Harrisburg last week at the Moravian-Episcopal Dialogue meeting. We met in the PA Council of Churches building in which there is an Augsburg/Fortress bookstore. They has a sale of Friar Tuck clergy shirts. I bought a couple and lo and behold they actually fit! The cut makes sense for a person of my build.

If you are clergy and have been having trouble finding shirts that are well made and actually fit – check out Friar Tuck. I had a couple of them when I was first ordained and I can report that of all the shirts I’ve ever worn, these are the ones that have held up the best. So now there are two good reasons to buy.

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