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The Epiphany – breaking the barriers between sacred and secular


As I’m starting to make my way around the Diocese of Rhode Island on my visitations, I’m delighted to find that a number of our churches are already set up to record and share the weekly sermons posted from their pulpits. This past week I was at the Church of the Epiphany in Rumford (East Providence) and I discovered that they regularly video and then post the sermons. So here’s a video of me preaching […]

We may not know what to say, but we know what we must do.

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Watch the Helpers In a tragic moment like this, people often turn to the Church to help them make sense of what has happened. But, truth be told, we don’t have an answer for them. We don’t know what to think either. But while we may not know what to think, we do know what to do. A sermon preached at Trinity Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona the Sunday following the shooting of 71 people in […]

The backstory and meta-narrative


If you think of it, the Potter stories keep telling the same story over and over. Orphan child meets wise mentor and struggles against focus of evil. Each book has the same landmarks: start of term, halloween, Quidditch matches, Christmas, climactic battle at end of term. She's retelling the same story but adding more nuance and information each time. That's pretty much how the biblical narrative, taken as a whole, functions too isn't it?

Good Friday post from 2009

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Originally posted on <a href="">Entangled States</a>: <br />The new light rail service in downtown Phoenix has changed the feeling of the downtown, including the immediate neighborhood around our Cathedral. The streets used to be pretty much deserted of pedestrians with only the occasional homeless man walking by. Now the streets are lively and filled with all sorts and conditions of people. It feels much more like a real urban center. I hadn’t realized until today though how…

Epiphany 5B 2012: God expects us to search for the Truth


There's often a sense in American circles that important things ought to reduce to simple, easily learned maxims. We want to know the three things we must do to be saved. We want to know the four spiritual laws. We memorize the ten commandments and we imagine we're all set for any ethical question. I suppose some of that comes from the illusion of simplicity that Newtons' Three Laws of Motion present. Just three simple […]

Robert Sheldrake: The Science Delusion


Following up on my post yesterday about the need to move Scientific paradigms away from a materialism centered view toward a potentiality view, I want to draw your attention to this review of Sheldrake’s new book (which was at the core of yesterday’s post too). While I tend to think of science in terms of physical phenomenon, the transformation that Physics is undergoing is being paralleled in Biology. In that case it’s a drifting away […]

Epiphany 3B 2012; Learning to reverse-crop


As a number of writers have pointed out, in the Book of Jonah, the Ninevehites repent but Jonah does not. Even though word of God comes to him three times. God asks Jonah to see the world differently. Jonah refuses. What about us? We've started a weekly parish Evensong at the Cathedral. When we preach at the service, there's more time to fully develop an idea. In this particular sermon, in the first part, as […]

Proper 23 A 2011; Where is Jesus?


Any close read of the parable of the wedding guest who is thrown into eternal torment for not wearing the right clothing when he is brought into the wedding feast should make us nervous. It's made any number of readers nervous over the ages. But it's not that we need to be nervous because we need to have the right clothes for all occasions, it's because it seems to paint a picture of a God […]

Sermon for Proper 20 A 2011


According to gaming theory, any economic activity where both parties fully understand what is happening is a non-zero-sum game. We forget that a lot. We tend to think that buying and selling is a cut throat competition. Which it is if you’re not being honest with each other. But if you are, you both win when you buy or sell something. Think about that. The key is being honest and transparent. The Kingdom of Heaven, […]