Author: Nicholas Knisely

We seek straightforward connection between actions and consequences. Turns out it’s complicated.

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I’m not able to post a sermon this week. I’m at the House of Bishop’s meeting and I don’t have access to the resources I need to be able to film a sermon and then post something. But I’m delighted that one of my favorite preachers/writers, The Rev. Canon Andrew Gerns, a colleague of mine from when I served in Bethlehem PA, has posted a wonderful sermon on this weekend’s texts. I’ve posted his writings […]

Jesus, our Mother

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Others often describe Jesus in his day as the Lamb of God. In the Gospel passage read this week in church, he describes himself not as a lamb who will be slain, but as a Mother Hen who wishes to save the ones who reject him. The image is both familiar and foreign to us because while we know about hens and chicks, few of us have enough familiarity with foxes and hens to get […]

The Ruler of this World; the Father of Lies

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The traditional reading for the first Sunday in Lent is the account of how Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by the Ruler of this World. He can overcome the tests by living out the truth of Scripture and rejecting the lies. Every year, in a different context, we hear this story, and some aspect of it becomes new and startling. This year, as we watch the Invasion of Ukraine by their Russian neighbors, I’m […]

Ash Wednesday 2022

Current Affairs / Religion

World history swirls about us as we begin Lent today. I have the sense that what has been happening over the past few years, particularly over the past week, will define the world that the next generation of leaders will manage. We are watching the atrocities in the Ukraine with horror. We are facing the accelerating rate of Climate Change, And the pandemic, though waning, is still part of our lives. It is easy enough […]

Lenten Book Series


If you’re interested in taking part in our Cathedral based Lenten Book study on my devotional “Lent is not Rocket Science” you can find details on how to sign up here: At this point I’m planning on our meeting on Wednesday nights in this year’s Lenten season. We’ll start at 7 PM and plan on being finished by 8 PM.

What Jesus was about to accomplish at Jerusalem

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As we observe the Last Sunday in this year’s Season of Epiphany, we are doing so as the Pandemic transitions to an Endemic, at least in most of the United States, and as Eastern Europe erupts into war. As is so often the case, each time we hear a familiar story from Scripture, the context in which we placed when encountering it serves to unlock new insights into the text and points to deeper meanings […]

God cares for the poor. The rich? Well…

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This week the Gospel reading is St. Luke’s version of the famous teaching Jesus gives his disciples about how to live in the new Kingdom of God. In Matthew’s Gospel this section of Jesus’ story is called the Sermon on the Mount. In Luke’s Gospel the setting is different, Jesus is teaching on a plain, and the emphasis and word choice is similar but sharper. Luke makes it clear that those who are in poverty […]

God’s call breaks in unexpectedly. What happens when it does?

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The three lectionary readings this week all are or have reference to call narratives. A call narrative someone’s story of how they came to be called to serve God’s mission in some specific way. Some of us are called to serve in the church in obvious ways, but most of us are called to serve God and God’s mission in the world in large and small ways that are often harder to recognize. Those ways […]

The Wedding lesson? Not Hardly.


The thirteenth chapter of St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians is so familiar to us that even has its own nickname: the Wedding lesson. It’s so often chosen as one of the lessons to be read at a marriage service that it’s become a cliche, even a joke in a movie about wedding crashers. But the truth is that part of the letter that St. Paul wrote, has nothing at all to do with marriage. […]