A loving God who consigns to torture?

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A man moving in a darkened graveyardThere’s an apparent disconnect between the God Jesus describes in the Sermon on the Mount and the God imagined in this parable. Or is there?

Notice that once the evil servant enters the social web of revenge and debts and debtors, the evil servant if forced by the system to face the consequences of what his is doing. The King treats him differently, but he is not willing to live into that form of relationship with others afterwards.

Because he treats others badly, the world treats him badly. And then the Lord forces him to live with the consequences of his life and actions.

It is only by living in a relationship of forgiveness with others that we can hope to escape having to live in a world of revenge and blood price. Anyone who’s been together in a relationship with someone else, for any length of time, learns quickly that the hardest thing in a relationship is the fear that you won’t be forgiven for doing something wrong.

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