God chooses to love us, and invites us to do the same

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A bush burning in the desertUnselfish giving is defined as love. Literally it is what we mean we say that Agape is love.

In one of John’s epistles we find the one “is” statement about God. St. John writes that “God is Love.” (Actually it’s: God is AGAPE.) 

We know about God because of God’s choice. And the fact that we as finite creatures have encountered the infinite in a comprehensible way means that the infinite has freely chosen to self-limitation. That limitation is not something that brings gain to God. It’s a totally, for us ultimately incomprehensible, unselfish action. It is only for our own benefit – since we want to be like Gods – now we know how we can do it.

If we want to know what it would be truly like to be gods, we now know where to look. We look to Jesus and we see completely. If we imitate him, we can be a little like him. He is the Christ, we can be the little christs, the Christians.

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  1. galedoubtfulguest says

    hello Bishop – I hope your vacation is going well! I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your prayers for my husband John. He has had several serious issues going on over the past 6 months or so but I believe we have turned a corner. He had surgery to deal with one issue and it went very well, and we rec’d good news on another issue. I am certain that all of the good news is down to your prayers to the Lord, and the Lord’s kindness. So a praise report ! I think you can take him off the prayer list at this point. Thank you again! I am not able really to understand how God is infinite – when I think of our intentionally limiting ourselves, I think of Michael the archangel saying ‘The Lord rebuke you’ to the devil. He knew much more, he did not presume to say it.

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