The Kingdom of God is in our midst, but only some of us care anymore.

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A very large pearl in the middle of field of wheatJesus, in this week’s Gospel is trying to describe people who are both aware of God in the world, and people who are blind to God.

 He uses everyday examples of people who are able to recognize the immense value of the Kingdom of God, and when they see it in their daily life, will do something to be able to fully experience it.

That is sadly lacking today. People don’t experience the Kingdom of God, and not experiencing it, they don’t know why they should care. Telling them isn’t working. Showing them is probably a better strategy.

Our behavior can help, both in how we treat people who are seeking, people who don’t know what to seek, and importantly how we treat each other. People who are seeking can tell the difference. 

That’s both good and bad news for us.

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